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I started my travel business after many years of traveling with my family and friends. I love to discover new places, learn about different cultures and eat really good food. ​

From a young age, I loved the journey that comes with traveling somewhere not just the destination, but also the process that comes with planning a trip. I also love to shop and feel that my helping my clients plan a trip is an extension of that love of finding the best deal and picking out just the right vacation for a memorable experience.​

A well-thought-out trip is the trip of a lifetime and the details are the jewels of what you make of it. 

I have traveled all over Europe, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and all over the US.​

We are a huge Disney family having taken several Disney Cruises and been to both US parks several times a year over the years.​

My favorite travel adventure so far has been France, so much so that we almost moved there right as Covid hit.

Contact me to start planning your vacation for the best deals and availability today.​

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